We have different roles, a variety of demanding tasks and challenges, which are waiting to be mastered every day. People are our priority, they are in the center of all that we do. Everyone has their own strengths and preferences. You will be able to utilize yours, flourish and grow in your own field of expertise.

Web Developer

We implement features based on defined requirements. We support our product owners, test engineers, UX/UI designers and SEO with our technical know-how. In addition we ensure, that our code is performant, supportable and safe.

  • Implementation of features
  • Contributing technical know-how for concepts
  • Removal of bugs

Lead Developer

We keep an overview of all current developments and issues in our teams and are responsible for a coherent architecture, code base and documentation. As a central point of contact we improve communication between developers and product owners making technical decisions.

  • Monitoring of development (quality, security, performance, extensibility)
  • Improving communication: Taking part at sync and scrum meetings
  • Creation of technical concepts and evaluation of technologies

UX/UI Designer

We set up the concept and features of our products and are responsible for usability, the user experience and the design.

  • Creation and evaluation of wireframes and prototyping
  • Verification of all developments and concepts on usability and design
  • Constant conception and execution of user testings

Test Engineer

We ensure the user can always do what he wants with all our products, services and features.

  • Development, monitoring and management of (automated) tests
  • Explorative testing for special cases
  • Consulting product owners concerning our Definition of Done / Definition of Ready

Product Owner

We always keep an eye on the bigger picture, and don't loose ourselves in attention to details. Our daily business is coordination and monitoring of current projects.

  • Create, write and manage all tasks, issues, user stories and epics of the team
  • Operative planning of team backlogs

Data Scientist

We turn lots of data with low value into more valuable data.

  • Consulting in data-driven decision making and product optimization
  • Definition, processing and reporting of corporate key figures
  • Support at creation of KPIs and evaluation based on a toolkit of statistics, machine learning and predictive analytics


We assure that our content is found organically in Google and is being clicked.

  • Collaboration at concept and implementation of new content and technical features
  • Consulting and education of cross-functional teams regarding SEO aspects
  • Management and implementation of SEO related projects
  • Monitoring of SEO and usage indicators


We are responsible for the seamless and failsafe operating of our servers. For meeting our future requirements we build our web and development infrastructure.

  • Support, documentation and maintenance of the server infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance of continuous integration / continuous deployment systems