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As promised yesterday … here are the slides of my presentation at #WAD15 about Engineering Culture.


Many of the slides are not really self-explanatory, so here are the most important quotes …

Slide 8: The secret ingredients have something in common. When we talk about software development this topics are overlooked. All 4 things have a deep impact on your work if you do them right or wrong. They are hard to master and they are failing nearly every day.

Slides 11,12,13: Example of failing communication. Two developers argue about a problem but talking about different files.

Slides 14,15: First secret ingredient is communication. It’s on that list because i see this problems so often and they costs so much time.

Slide 16: A few simple tips for better communication: Don’t tell only the facts, also the backstory, details and history of decisions, … Repeat information,so the opposite knows if you understood him right. Visualise more: Don’t describe designs, just show the designs.

Slides 18,19,20,21: The karriere.at development team 7 years ago. And our first development process. The developers sat side by side, we talked about our work every day. We divided the work in two big sections Frontend/Backend-Systems and everything that intersects (Database, Models) we decided together.

Slide 22: The second secret ingredient is the perfect process.

Slides 23,24,25,26: Example of a bad standup-meeting. The team was too big and heterogeneous, so the meeting was very long and the different experts could not really understand what the others talking about.

Slides 27,28: The perfect process: Combine all the great process tools out there and build your own custom-process. Do only things that solves problems. Find a person who is responsible for the process and always improve your process.

Slides 29-34: Why is quality important? Because if you don’t start from the beginning with quality work you will end in a big mess you cannot fix.

Slides 35,36,37,38: Quality is a huge field. You can do so many things and they are all huge itself. “One does not simply … do all the things” … but you can always start with one or two or three topics and just never stop …

Slide 39: More quality is always better. Find a responsible person, this person should educate and instruct all the other involved to THINK and DO quality.

Slide 40,41: Last secret ingredient are people. We forget that often. Great developers make great software … it is that simple. Nothing else can improve your software more. Nearly every line of code is handwritten by a human.

Slides 42,43: The perfect developer has “drive”, the mixture of curiosity, motivation and endurance. “Flexibility” to learn new things fast and to do also things you don’t like (much). “Humbleness” helps at code reviews (glasshouse/stones) and pain-tolerance helps a developer to stay happy if you boss makes strange decisions or you get bad feedback.

Slides 44,45,46: Building my team 1 by 1 … i only hire people they fit into the existing team. We all share the same sense of quality and humor, but we have different backgrounds and personalities … diversity improve teams.

Slides 47,48: Software Development is a people business and you should invest more time in your recruiting process and focus more on your own people. Everybody has different needs, i try to satisfy all of them … but overall developers (humans) love freedom … try to increase as much as possible.

Slides 49-52: The 4 secret ingredients of great software: Hire good people, build a simple process, do quality stuff and improve your communication. That’s it.


Der bekennende Ursprungsinnviertler Fichtl ist einer der Brains von karriere.at. Wenn er nicht gerade an der Software herumschraubt, sind Bücher und Filme seine Leidenschaft. Legobauen seine Obsession.

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