About devland

Devland represents the development department of karriere.at. Our team has now grown up to more than 50 members. With 1.5 million unique clients and 20 million page impressions per month we are responsible for one of the largest Austrian websites. Each week we deliver 1.5 million new job postings to our users and develop all our products ourselves. Joy of working in a collaborative team is equally important to us as the focus on the high quality of our products.

Do you consider yourself a free thinker, striving to create new products with the newest technology? We are constantly on the lookout for coders, nerds, web gurus, creative thinkers and motivated allround-geniuses, who help us to do our work properly. We are open both for interns, beginners and experienced professionals! Sounds good?

Facts & Figures

million lines of code
members in the dev department
commits per week

Interdisciplinary teams

We work in crossfunctional "squads": meaning backend and frontend developers, UX/UI designer, test engineer and product owner sit together and come up with ideas and exciting projects. Currently we have more than over 50 people divided into seven teams in the development department, collaborating between Vienna and Linz. Special teams focus on our services, internal softwares and our infrastructure.


Once per month we meet for an internal Meetup. Up to three colleagues give talks on technology, tools or methods about software development. This way we assure, that we always follow the newest technology trends and motivate each other to try out new things. Each so called Dev-Cafe ends with a teambuilding event. What does that mean for us? Ranging from graffiti-workshops, sushi-cookery courses, escape room games, board game evenings, video gaming and much more!


Each year we take some days off from our everyday life, withdrawing to a remote mountain hut or a cool hotel, where we compete in programming. Isolated from daily business each team tinkers on a self-determined theme covering a topic which they are particularly keen on exploring. The best idea / implementation wins, but the clock runs against you - always keep an eye on the remaining time! At a following presentation ceremony (with fancy prizes!) the winners are chosen and immediately afterwards we celebrate big time! All participants now finally have time to enjoy the cosiness of the location and fill their bellies at the opulent buffet. By the way: The Hackathon's best ideas have chances to come true.


Is each of your days with scrum just like the other? You work your way from ticket to ticket? There is no time for innovating? At karriere.at every second Friday is reserved for a NarF (Not a regular Friday). We take care of things, which in daily business don't stand a chance to be realised. We test new technologies and frameworks, evaluate new programming languages or write blog articles. Additionally we also prepare speeches for conferences and meetups. Collaborations on open source projects are always appreciated.